Share your screen without stressing

Avoid that pit in your stomach when you wonder if you closed the right windows.

Use ShareCalmly to set which apps and websites to auto-hide and never stress again.

How it Works

ShareCalmly Features

Select apps to auto-hide during screen share

Avoid accidentally sharing those texts only meant for you spouse. And get right back to it after sharing is finished.

Select websites to auto-close during screen share

Prevent Youtube, Robinhood, or your current job search from showing up while sharing your screen.

Remote Friendy

ShareCalmly automatically turns on “Do Not Disturb” mode while you share your screen to prevent disclosing any intimate secrets.
(Coming Soon)

Pick up where you left off after sharing

ShareCalmly auto-restores your apps to their previous state after your screen share so you can get back to your texts, job search, or Instagram check.

Set-up Once, Never Worry Again

ShareCalmly just runs automatically in the background. You can forget it’s even there.

Rest Easy with Built-In Privacy

ShareCalmly only stores your auto-hidden apps and websites locally on your computer. These are never sent to our servers or analyzed.

Use custom shortcuts

Use keyboard shortcuts for when you want to manually hide your apps and websites.



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Currently Supports Zoom. Microsoft Teams and Google Meet coming soon.

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